We reserve the right to vary these TRAX Motorsports Marketing Terms and Conditions at any time and will post any variations here.  The Customer is advised to review these Terms and Conditions on a regular basis as you will be deemed to have accepted variations if you continue to use the website after they have been posted.


TRAX Motorsports Marketing endeavours to fulfil the majority of customer orders for in stock items within 3 days of receipt. However, at times, due to product shortage, or peak demand (e.g. the Christmas period), delivery may extended. If this happens, the Customer will be informed of any problems.
We will inform the Customer as soon as possible if goods which have been ordered are not available.


If the Customer believes their parcel to be lost, the Customer should contact TRAX Motorsports Marketing Customer Services Department to investigate the matter further. TRAX Motorsports Marketing has to allow 30 days from despatch date for delivery of a parcel or packets. If, after this time, non-delivery has occurred, TRAX Motorsports Marketing open an investigation with the Royal Mail. For International Deliveries – this period is extended to 60 days. All International Deliveries have tracking numbers and the Customer’s signature is required upon receipt.


Before replacement goods or refunds can be issued, goods must be returned for inspection by TRAX Motorsports Marketing, and, if necessary, the item may have to be returned to the manufacturer for testing. In these cases, 28 days must be allowed. Return postage fees will be reimbursed both for the original and return despatch on justified damages.


Refunds and exchanges may only be processed when the returned item(s) are received by TRAX Motorsports Marketing. TRAX Motorsports Marketing recommends that the Customer obtains a certificate of posting from the Post Office as we are unable to compensate for parcels that are damaged or mislaid in transit. Upon receipt of a returned item which was originally paid for by credit card or debit card or PayPal etc., a reimbursement will be made directly to the account of the Customer who originally paid for the goods. Where an exchange item is required, the card will be re-charged on despatch. Cheque refunds can only be made in the name of the original Customer. PayPal payments will be automatically refunded. Please note that where possible, goods should be returned within 14 days. If the returned model is undamaged or has been ordered by mistake, or is no longer wanted, TRAX Motorsports Marketing reserves the right to refund the price of the model only.


Although every effort is made to maintain prices indicated in literature and on TRAX Motorsports Marketing website pages, it may not always be possible. Therefore TRAX Motorsports Marketing reserves the right to discontinue items from TRAX Motorsports Marketing literature, Newsletters and Web Site Pages and change prices according to our company policy.


TRAX Motorsports Marketing endeavours to check the accuracy of the information on this site. However, TRAX Motorsports Marketing does not warrant that such information will be error free and the user acknowledges that information, products and services published on this website may include inaccuracies and typographic errors.


TRAX Motorsports Marketing cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, injury or damage caused by any product offered for sale. Goods are sold in good faith as serious collectors items only. All products are not suitable for children under the age of 14 and in some instances models will only be suitable for adults 18 years and over. For further details, please view relevant manufacturer websites for more information.


Every effort is made to ensure that this website is free from viruses and defects however, this cannot be totally guaranteed.

TRAX Motorsports Marketing shall not be liable to any person for loss or damage which may arise as a result of any failure by the Customer to protect their password or account. The Customer is responsible for the confidentiality of his/her password and account and any activities that occur under their account.

TRAX Motorsports Marketing shall not be liable to any person for loss or damage which may arise to computer equipment as a result of using this website.
Please ensure that you refresh pages to up to date website – as stock levels and content will be updated many times during the business day.

Please note that by using this website you are at least 18 years of age.


We are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) fully compliant. All payment details managed on-line are encrypted through PCI DSS Barclaycard Merchant Services and PayPal. These are direct payment gateways which complete your purchase. Transaction data is stored only as long as is necessary to complete your purchase transaction.

When placing an on-line order for in-stock models, we have access only to your contact and delivery details – we have no access to any on-line payment details. For further details please see our ‘Ordering Information Section’.
In order to be fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, TRAX Motorsports Marketing adheres to its internal annually audited Information Security Policy, if you wish to discuss this policy any further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The privacy of Customers is extremely important to TRAX Motorsports Marketing. TRAX Motorsports Marketing uses the information collected carefully, lawfully and in accordance with national laws which relate to the processing of personal data (“Data Protection Legislation”), the Data Protection Act 1998 and with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Information held by TRAX Motorsports Marketing is solely used to improve customer service and is not disclosed to any other third party. For full details, please visit our Privacy Policy Statement.


Pre-Orders are initially subject to no fees and are only subject to TRAX Motorsports Marketing ‘buying terms’ once models are released and are ready to despatch.   

Prior to placing a Pre-Order, please see our ‘How to Order’ Section for full details. Please note that when pre-ordering, the ‘price’ quoted is the price payable upon the product coming into stock. This also applies to Delivery Charges. TRAX Motorsports Marketing advise customers to view the delivery charges prior to Pre-Ordering. This is important as charges, where applicable, will only be deducted when goods become available. Pease see our Delivery Charges ‘Shipping’ Section for further details.

Please note that all Pre-Order Confirmations are issued in £sterling. All International Customers will be charged at £sterling value for their individual pre-order models, when they are released International Customers will have to accept the prevailing fluctuation within their own counties with regards to their individual currency values against £sterling when individual models are made available.

Your delivery charge is deducted with the first model on your order which becomes available, after this point, all items on your order are shipped free of charge, as the total delivery charge has already been deducted.

Please note that TRAX Motorsports Marketing guarantee your pre-order prices in all instances unless the items are cancelled by the manufacturer and then re-instated at a later time. In this situation, Customer would have to pre-order the re-instated models again at the new prices. In other ‘extreme’ cases, TRAX Motorsports Marketing would inform individual Customers of any guarantees which can not be physically met on a unique case by case basis i.e. individual customer commissions etc.

When placing a Pre-Order – the sale will not be completed until the product(s) become ‘in stock’ items and payment is then requested.   

When pre-ordering new or limited edition commissioned products, TRAX Motorsports Marketing will request the Customer’s payment upon release of items. Occasionally orders may be activated upon receipt of notification of delivery of goods – this may incur a delay of a maximum of 28 days between request of payment and despatch of orders. Please note that the price quoted when you pre-order models – is the price which you pay when goods are released.

Please ensure that TRAX Motorsports Marketing has up to date details in order to fulfil your orders when models are released. 

TRAX Motorsports Marketing has the right to refuse the acceptance of a Pre-Order should the company feel that they have reasonable cause to do so.  For example non payment and repeated cancellations  which affects the rights of other customers to make purchases of items when released.

When Pre-Ordering models  if after a specific time period, TRAX Motorsports Marketing has not heard from the Customer with regard to payment details, TRAX Motorsports Marketing reserve the right to delete the Customer registration details, delete the pre-order and place models back into stock for other Customers to purchase. Other items on pre-order will also be automatically cancelled.

If a Customer repeatedly cancels models from their Pre-Order, TRAX Motorsports Marketing reserves the right to automatically delete any other outstanding models on order.

All Orders can be held for a period of up to five years on the TRAX Motorsports Marketing website. After this time they can be deleted from the on-line website and will not be able to be viewed on-line. Of course all orders will be retained via the TRAX Motorsports Marketing main database. Any outstanding Pre-Order models on order after this period, will still be on order for you and the prices will be still be honoured when models are released.  Please note that this does not affect any orders which the Customer may have placed prior to these dates. Please note when using the on-line website, TRAX Motorsports Marketing is unable to accept mixed ‘in-stock’ and ‘Pre-Orders’ in a single transaction. Pre-Ordering items must be ordered separately.   


Due to administrative procedure – Each Pre-Order placed is a separate order with regard to Postage and Packaging ‘Shipping’ Charges, although all Pre-Orders are amalgamated on Customers Pre-Order Accounts – it is not possible to add items to existing orders other than at original order entry. TRAX Motorsports Marketing therefore advise Customers to study company literature, website pages and Price Lists carefully before placing orders to avoid incurring additional delivery charges.


Please be aware that when Pre-Ordering models using Stripe, if you Pre-Order more that one model on one order, the first model to be released will automatically activate the entire order for payment.


This website, its content and any contract brought into being as a result of using this site are governed by and construed in accordance with English Law.


All rights, including copyright, for this website are owned by or licensed to TRAX Motorsports Marketing. Any use of this website or its contents, including copying or storing it or them in whole or part, other than personal, non-commercial use is prohibited without the permission of TRAX Motorsports Marketing. It is prohibited to modify, distribute or re-post anything on this website for any purpose.